Ingrid Gordon's CD

Figures in a Landscape by Kestuan

Nueva York
Sound Clips

Figures in a Landscape by Kesatuan Flute and Marimba Duo

Ingrid Gordon, marimba
Karen DeWig, flute

A landmark recording of major works for flute and marimba.

"Both DeWig and Gordon provide the listener with virtuosic playing as well as impeccable ensemble unity throughout. The balance and blend between the instruments is excellent. Gordon's perfect mallet choices contribute to the excellent blend with the flute."

Reprinted by permission of the Percussive Arts Society.

Contents & Sound Clips

Click on the composer's name to go to their website, or the title of the piece to hear an excerpt (mp3 format).

Robert Paterson Duo for Flute and Marimba
Takayoshi Yoshioka Rhythm-Gymnastics-Sports "Ribbon"
Timothy Melbinger Recitative and Aria
Gareth Farr Kembang Suling
Alton Clingan Long Distance Call
Peter Roubal Pank
Robert Morris Abah Abah Tenun
Peter Klatzow Figures in a Landscape


This project was funded by the Regional Arts and Culture Council in Portland, Oregon, the Yvar Mikhashoff Trust for New Music, and by generous contributions from Robert Morris, Timothy Melbinger, Randy Zasloff, Logan McDougal, Alex and Joan Murray, Joan Dawson, Anne Marie Morosin, Alex Granok and Niel DePonte. Thank you, donors!

The CD was recorded in Portland. Oregon at Lewis & Clark University's Evans Auditorium between June 8-11, 1999, and edited at Superdigital, Inc., in Portland, Oregon in July of 1999.

Producer: Niel DePonte
Recording Engineer: Terry Hoffman, Sonic Boom
Editing: Mo Morales (503) 248-7088